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Originally Posted by gavin hopps View Post
I went through the chrono near to the end of the course.
Well i will tweek it then fire 60 shots off to see how it gos. As i alway fill between sillys and course as dont like dropping to far under 150 bar if i can help it.
Perhaps do a chrono string from you fill all the way down to settle your mind. With one gun I have it's shown it doesn't like 200 bar but will hold way down close to 100. But I'll always fill before the course.

Also test cock it and leave for a while then chrono and do a string. Ev2s are known to leak now and then meaning first shot can go low.

I'd go with Phils advice re 800. You have to give the rifle a lot more to get it up another 20 and it will kick more and use more air. If you slam it straight up to the limit then and pellet, gun or chrono variation will see you over. There is no perceivable benefit in being tight to the limit, around 800 is where all my express running rigs get set.
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