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Just as an example of price difference, I have just ordered a Walther Aluminium air cylinder from Gremany. Price including delivery 147 (ordered Thursday being delivered Saturday) the Official UK Agent wanted 200 + p&p
now don't get me wrong, 150 is a lot of money for aluminium tube, a pressure gauge and a brass valve, but it gose to show just how much can be saved.
I'm not criticising the Importer because I don't know what their overheads are and as I'm self employed I know what I need to make on each job to make a profit,.
I've seen on here and other forums how people are happy to have a dig at RFD's because they are more expensive than a dealer in Europe, but that only seems to be with buying foreign made rifles. How many people buy BSA or Air Arms air rifles from Germany or Holland?
Cutting out the middle man (importer) has to make it cheaper, just think who much more you could save if you went direct to the manufacturer.

Just as a side note, back in 90's it was cheaper to buy a Triumph motorbike from a dealership in France and ride it home than get one direct from the factory here in England

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