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There is another factor creating problems though:
The courier firms. I don't know how traders post airguns but I have not been able to find one who will carry air rifles internationally from GB. The Post office theoretically export air pistols to the appropriate countries up to 2 Kg but not anything heavier. ParcelArse just returned an HW77 damaged and refused to even refund the 65 postage to Portugal.
Quite amazing that they can magically deliver air rifles FROM Europe without any problems though, the %#@ts!

As for EU airgun shops selling to GB customers. I am sure that GTA and AMTA and the like are all keen for UK laws to prohibit the selling of air-rifles/pistols unless face to face and registered by an RFD.
Right now, British shops are apparently stopped (or charged extortionately) from exporting air-weapons to Europe by the carriers (and of course their own overpricing).
The whole situation is one big Clusterfukc created by cadres of inept penpushers.

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