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Originally Posted by what barn door View Post
Yeah good point Rob, I just thought there was a problem with eu suppliers not wishing to post to the uk!

They are entitled to post to UK. Per EEC Free Trade Agreement.

Its another kettle of fish, if the Euro shop policy has changed because XYZ brand, has "co-erced" "leaned on" the Euro Retailer - by the mysterious "Black Forces" (Its public knowledge from an educational stand point - from BA, or MBA classes regarding free trade agreement , cartels, collusion, price fixing the "price channel" etc..and so known, we all see it in films, and TV series).

Good idea ...but no need...your suggestion on van coming back to Uk loaded with goodies..and as RobF says..its implying you are "trading"....which raise HMRC eyebrows on issues if you are personnally paying the right taxes on yer profits ...

What could be "dodgy" are the terms of "distribution" imposed on local country shop by: agents, manufacturer, and/or body, and or/ combo of all 3 ..sounds familiar ?

...which, BTW, are meaningless, on a EEC Free Trade Country wide basis and un-enforceable...unless they get HO involved under pretext- which is why someone there , better get on the ball, and wisen up pronto and come to same conclusion about "protectionisms" of one's turf & ......

However, if said Euro shop owner has taped , email, or fax evidence, of collected UK citizens names from Euro shops by XYZ, all of this goes against multiple LAWS. - thats bloody marvellous ! (as said Euro shop owners are interviewed in presence of lawyers as they make their deposition as "witness")

That's why the good old USA fines $$$ Millions on cartels...and people go to jail.

Do the UK authorities have the teeth or appetite for a ...purge ? (call it an "enema purge" of said characters...) or the EEC Cartel Commission ? should EITHER be presented with evidence Its abundantly clear , it will be a wonderful sight to see Mizz KARMA do her job... and we, the public get "normal pricing" in line with Europe.

THIS , says it all >>>

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