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Originally Posted by maxtich View Post
Here is a further reply from the Home office, same old blah blah
Dear Mr M#######

Iím afraid that I canít disclose this information but we will keep you informed of the outcome.


It's almost like you've had correspondence from HAL not the HO;

GTA/HAL: I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.

GTA/HAL: Trade is too important for us to allow consumers to jeopardize it.

GTA/HAL: We know that they have all been buying from Europe, and we're afraid that's something we cannot allow to continue.

Until ultimately...

GTA/HAL: This conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.

It's actually very clever.

Tie up the retail end, tie up positive print media, tie up the main online presence, present yourselves as an authority and collude with the corridors of power to deliver a little of what both sides (GTA/HO) want, and present it to the community as a "win" from a "loss".

Keep doing it, and after a while you can do what you like because you have built a narrative, built a "working relationship" with the government, and built up enough "credibility" to change written policy in your favour on a whim.

Credit where it's due. It really does show what power these people wield.