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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
Going back a few years the BFTA used to have a representative who attended AMTA meetings.

Does the BFTA still have a nominated member who attends AMTA meetings ?


As a follow on idea - perhaps a 1 off, that can be updated once a year...

a Word Doc or PDF showing listing all directors from all related Orgs like BFTA, BSSC, GTA, AMTA, etc..etc... as Ive come across some names sitting on both sides (public source of info.), and Its amazing how a full circle can drawn, and simple deduction made as to form a very good idea what an agenda may be behind some orgs.

...anyway, here's a weird/strange bit of info. (the AA FTP900 was released..2 or 3 years this is from 2012 ? - I still havent received a reply from that body confirming the employment dates as a Rep. and if still engaged or not- or on what basis "UK spokesman for airguns")

Shooting Sports Trust = Clay Pigeon Shooting Association

screen shot on windows

upload gambar

Now, the publishes these >

You should all view these to see who keeps attending Home Office meetings....simple visual scan reveals the same name, over and over, and over. Minutes of the Minute FOI request could include someone's name.

Please note- all this info is publicly available on Google search, and I have a brain (I think so therefore I am ! ) ... so am compelled to share knowledge and ask we the public, and law abiding citizens, hobbyist, collectors, competitors - have a right to hold our politicians accountable, and review the proponents lobbying agenda in the light of day .

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