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Default not enough wind and too much

so after a bit of thought decided to add my two pence worthrolleyes:
my ftp after a year went back to aa with a leaking fill valve, might fault i guess not lubing filler probe o rings with supplied napier lube. so i thought that i would try a goldstar while it was away and have it as a back up hft rifle. bought a red white and blue one from local gun hop. zeroed it in my garden at 20 yards after replacing the stripper with a rowan one because the bsa one was scattergunning the pellets
was then very accurate, took it to a local shooting ground and zeroed it at 25 yards, very accurate, then put target out to 45 yards and was not even landing a pellet on the card it didnt sound right either.
took it straight back to the shop where it was chronoed at 475 fps
no problem said manager we will put your stock on another off the gun rack, have to give the bsa a chance after all, fair enough. shall we chrono the new action just in case? comes back after testing it, yes thats better 805 fps with aa fields, err hang on thats not right, quick calculation by me over 12ft/bs, ill have my money back thanks, so i dont know about takes no wind, mine didnt have enough b***y wind then too much
since found out others on the gun shop rack waiting to be sold were hot
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