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Given that the 12th Report of the FCC said that sub 12 FPE rifled barreled air weapons should be exempt from the restriction of the Fireams Act we have something strange going on.

People who either served on the FCC or were attached to it and therefore knew what was stated re the semi auto's were as follows:

Mr B Carter who was formerly a Director of the GTA.
Mr D J Penn who is a Director of the GTA.
Mr G Widdecombe Senior Home Office person.

From AMTA.
Tony Hall
Tony Belas
John Cooper
Peter Martineau

Why on earth should there be any query about the legality of these semi-auto's when all the above were party to the FCC 12th Report.
Did they not understand what that report recommended ? Did they not read what THEIR report said ?

How can the GTA possible be in any doubt about what the HOC 68 said when one of their directors was actually part of the FCC and was party to the recommendations of the 12th report.

Perhaps the GTA spokesman would like to comment.