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Originally Posted by SimpleSimon View Post
Might be nothing, but I was just taking a look at the UKAHFT Rules and I noticed this:

The kneeling position is defined as only 3 points of contact with the ground (2 feet & 1 knee).
The rear foot shall be upright and straight in line with the knee, sitting on a turned foot is not allowed.
A bean bag may be used to support the knee, shin or foot area only, not the buttock.
The rifle will be supported only by the two hands with the rifle butt in the shoulder, no other part of the body can be used to support the rifle nor can the hands be supported on any other part of the body.
Please be aware that the hands cannot be dropped to allow the wrist joint, arm or any other part of the body to support the rifle. The leading hand should also be forward of the knee, to illustrate this the supporting hand should be dropped down vertically, if it contacts with any part of the knee/leg the supporting hand is deemed too far back & therefore not forward of the knee.
The un-supported kneeling/standing shot will be designated by a 4" tall peg, no other forms of support are allowed for this shot (peg/tree etc)
NOTE: The leading leg cannot be pulled back so the calf is supported by the hamstrings or lower buttocks, this is classed as a crouching shot & is not allowed. The leading foot must not touch or be supported by the beanbag

Only your feet may be in contact with the ground.
The un-supported standing only shot will be designated by a 4" tall peg, no other forms of support are allowed for this shot (peg/tree)

Supported Kneeling/Standing
The above rules apply with the exception that any part of the rifle or body may be resting on the supporting tree/object. If a number of supporting objects are available, some part of the rifle or body must be touching the support marked with the peg number as the shot is taken. In addition to touching the numbered support you may also make use of any other supporting objects.

Does this mean that you cannot support the rifle with your forearm for kneeling and standing shots?

This would affect anyone that rests the rifle stock on their forearm for supported shots.
How long have you been shooting hft,😄😄
And to think you are the one we ask,if us novices
Don't know the rules😄
Bloody hell I'm gonna have to learn to read!!
Cheers Simon,
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