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Yes, I think the best approach would be to contact Vaz or ministers.
Meanwhile I am thinking of how to best present the case for SA.

Here are a few more points:
Britain "falling behind Europe" with SA, both in manufacturing and in new sports competitions.

The humble air rifle inceasingly being used in pest control on country estates *instead of* more dangerous alternatives.

Better for scrotes to be caught early with SA airguns than them getting real pistols.

No recorded deaths from air pistols in GB AFAIK.

No recorded deaths or injuries (?) from SA guns ALREADY OUT THERE!

People will revert to the more lethal, easily concealable and uncontainable Gypsy Catapult. DIY made from a twig and a piece of rubber. (check youtube!)

People have had enouigh of being controlled and want to be able to shoot live target pistol alongside fellow Europeans, not just puny air pistols.

Strict gun controls are a sign of failed government in building a responsible society.

From my previous post:

If you write to Keith Vaz, do it so that he thinks he'll gain in a political or some other way.
For example:

He'll look good asserting his authority over rogue officials who got it wrong.
He protects GB from getting into trouble with the EU over free trade infringements (crucial, since Cameron wants to "re-negotiate terms" with Europe. (You'd like to stay in the EU but there's no point if you can't buy their products!)
He helps Britains airgun industry by giving them more freedom to design fantastic new products.
While you're at it, he can help GB's shop trade by facilitating the international posting of their products to the EU.
He helps Britains budding international competition hopefuls.
He'll become an honourary Director of something.

Think Win-win, not win-lose!

I've emigrated, so it's down to you lot to get off your arses and drop a few lines to someone, get on with it!

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