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What we cannot lose sight of is who is to blame for this predicament we now find ourselves in.

There is no doubt that it is the GTA and it's self appointed mouthpiece.

Anyone with an I.Q. greater than that of a peanut can see without a doubt that the view held by the Home Office for the last 18 years is the correct one. How the GTA have managed to convince Mr Widdecombe to change this view is open to conjecture. A view that Widdecombe has been party to.

Apparently the H.O. is more than happy with a 12FPE paintball marker because it's smooth bore. One has to presume they would also be happy with a semi-auto air rifle as long as it was sub 12FPE and smooth bore. To be on the receiving end of either it would perhaps be difficult to tell any difference.

Perhaps the argument should now be shifted to the people who are the "Masters" of those in the H.O. I wonder what the reaction of the Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee would be if he realised that ad hoc decisions were being made to Firearms legislation to satisfy the self interest of a commercial interest group.