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Default what fun

What with Doppa being crippled with an ingrowing toenail for weeks I thought I would help out ,personally I smell a rat( normally reduced face plate ), its always the side he keeps his wallet on

Generally I find setting good for the soul (untill your own course smashes you up )

Well , with the impending thunderstorms I thought as I woke at 4.35 am, better get down before it gets bad, so on me lonesome, at 5 am, wandering about it really kicks off hail lightning the lot , stops as quick as it started and the temp mustve shot up by 15 deg to a tropical 26 deg , still got some targets out , never seen so many biting insects in my life , only to be topped by being hassled by a bloody great hornet
Will "aka TROLL" turns up later in the day and was suprised how much time and effort goes into it , still , my tree monkey did some fab work painting and put a few out himself , thanks for that mate, dunno if I would have turned up to help if I just picked up a brand new car .
See how many he can remember then
Tuggs gonna expect you to clear it now fella
I have kept all the targets bright as the cover is causing some visual issues , didnt say easy though ,lefty friendly as usual

Be really nice to see you all Sunday , especially some of the clubs we support and regularly visit

FTP900 MTC connect,Welhamanium internals -sorted
HFT500, ACZ stock MTC connect
TX200 Mk3 CS1000 stock, hawke vantage sf , Nick G internals
Steyr ?, maybe , they cant all be wrong?

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