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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Im not replying on behalf of them, don't be so preposterous. If you knew what you were talking about you wouldn't even refer to them as the NSBRA.

Read from their own site:

Not all airgunners. They are concerned with the above interests. S/A are not in those interests.
S/A sure ARE in those interests!
After letting themselves be walked all over and having handguns banned, some daring brits now want to partake in ISSF style speed air pistol comps against normal countries, with puny little sub-six ft/lb .177 S/A air pistols. The State and their crony industry chums now seem intent on deeming stupid brits not even deserving of handling these.
Ban rubber band guns next because someone might get shot by the glorious Police forces because they might think it's a real terror weapon of doom like a STEYR LP50, or a table leg.
The NSRA appear to be another one of those old boy clubs who don't rock the sinking boat.
So glad I emigrated and took all my money with me!