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Originally Posted by Smudgerii View Post
WTF. why are you attacking the NSRA and others on here? If you want a target then it's the GTA you want, they are the people who are making the move to ban SA's. It's nothing more than a commercial decision, and no matter what 'spin' Mr Doe puts on it, that fact will not change.

Constructive, positive action in the form of pressuring MP's and supporting BASC is the way to fight this. Being a 'two hat' to others on here is not!

I am not "attacking"- asking what they have done/said to the Home office...actually I havent seen a thread from you/ them ...and besides, where is the accountability and real updates ?

Smudgerii - they -NSRA - are quoted as representing the interest of" airgunners" no mention of discipline all my posts mate

Now Im being lectured what the real NSRA (and not the NSBRA) are about.. yeah thanks as well...they're a charity and short on cash.

Being vocal on me ? you guys know am on the side of airgunners - as Ive simply posted transparent public info. - who spotted the 2 members of the GTA being on same side as BSSC ?

Sweet Jesus, youre all fractured, splintered groups. No wonder outsiders wonder who, and what organization is standing up against GTA Ltd. ..and only Forum members leading the charge. No unified group, body, organization standing against a dubious GTA Ltd. agenda.

Oh, and Raygun saying to Mr. Lassman - youre wrong- where's the proof ? doesnt that tell you something not right ?

...So be it, Is it a case of :

screen capture windows