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Originally Posted by JasonGoldsmith66 View Post
But why are you replying on their behalf of the NSBRA ? perhaps they have to vote & amend their mission statement- so they NO longer look after the interest of UK airgunners; if they respond like you have...throw up arms in the will be another Dunkirk infamous moment..(and besides- no organization needs de facto to be set up as a "lobbying" organization to have a say..)


PS: a "Governing Body" for airgunners means what ?*t...?

WTF. why are you attacking the NSRA and others on here? If you want a target then it's the GTA you want, they are the people who are making the move to ban SA's. It's nothing more than a commercial decision, and no matter what 'spin' Mr Doe puts on it, that fact will not change.

Constructive, positive action in the form of pressuring MP's and supporting BASC is the way to fight this. Being a 'two hat' to others on here is not!