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Declaration of interest: I am an annual member of the NSRA and the club that I chair is affiliated to the NSRA.

Two points; Rob is correct about semi auto air having a place in some paper-punching disciplines such as LSR. Timed LSR has had the rules altered to make it easier for magazine-fed air rifles such as S410s etc to compete with semi auto 22LR, but some rapid fire events are still impossible to achieve without SA.

Second point, unrelated. If this whole scenario goes badly, and it may well do, one of the easiest moves for the HO would be to remove the permission to own 22LR in semi auto, and simply to place ALL semi auto in the S5 category. Now, that would affect the viability of a lot of HO approved clubs who are affiliated to NSRA, and it is at that point when NSRA might start to be involved. However it has to be said that the NSRA does not have huge resources either in terms of manpower (including women) and especially finances.