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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
The Nsra is not a lobbying body. I would think their default position would be to refer you to the home office.

Seriously, the Nsra does not have any resources to deal with concerns outside its remit. Semi autos are not used for paper punching except .22 in LSR (maybe). I doubt they will know what you are talking about and as your unfamiliarity with the organisation is obvious I'd suggest it's not only a waste of your time but also a waste of theirs.

I can only see any action the Nsra would take us to contact the home office then perhaps put something in the rifleman magazine that tells everyone they are s5.

But why are you replying on their behalf of the NSBRA ? perhaps they have to vote & amend their mission statement- so they NO longer look after the interest of UK airgunners; if they respond like you have...throw up arms in the will be another Dunkirk infamous moment..(and besides- no organization needs de facto to be set up as a "lobbying" organization to have a say..)


PS: a "Governing Body" for airgunners means what ?*t...?