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Default Question for Steyr Experts - the Stabilizer

After playing with my rifle for a while, I'm contemplating removing the stabilizer and sealing the hole that actuates the sear/lever to release the stabilizer. My reasons:
1. I don't believe it helps the accuracy
2. It is another place to let air out during the shot cycle (potential inconsistency)
3. It's something else to potentially break

The Question:

My theory is the stabilizer is only effective at reducing/offsetting recoil AFTER the pellet has left the barrel. Is this correct?

Logic behind my theory:
- The rifle experiences negligible rearward motion once the hammer is released. I say it's negligible because of the weight of the hammer relative to a 15lb rig. At this point, the stabilizer hasn't been released.
- The actions of the hammer hitting the valve and releasing air through the transfer port doesn't create any movement that is discernible to the shooter. At this point, the stabilizer still hasn't been released.
- Once the air makes it into the bolt it is simultaneously hitting the back of the pellet and tripping the stabilizer release at the same time. The stabilizer is now free to move, but hasn't moved yet.

It now becomes a race of the pellet getting out of the barrel while the heavy stabilizer gets kicked back. My theory is the pellet is either:
1. Out of the barrel before the stabilizer is really offering any noticeable feeling. However, at this point it doesn't help accuracy, just the follow through for the shooter to offset recoil from the airblast out of the muzzle.
2. It's almost out of the barrel. I don't want anything moving on the gun as I'm still holding aim.

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