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You can see how much of a touchy subject this is , Mat on another thread is the sole importer of the TB range.
as soon as some one said how much cheaper they were in the EU , Mat was straight on that thread defending his UK prices , this isn't knocking Mat , we would all do the same in his position .
But it does go to show how touchy the AGT is in the UK with people shopping in the EU.
The Semi Automatic was never an issue , Semi Auto was blown out of all proportion and used to highlight the fantastic deals people are able to get in the EU, and the loss of sales by the AGT in the UK.
AGT and AMTA by forcing the issue , have made people look out of curiosity at EU gun shops , and boy did they all get a surprise on the prices our EU shooting buddies are getting, they have then gone on to tell there mates , and the ball started rolling.
Not only sales of Semi Automatic Air Rifles is under scrutiny but Semi Automatic Air Pistols , as the law as it stands does NOT differentiate between the two, my own Fire Arms officer has told me , if i get nicked for one I will get nicked for the other .
It is the GTA and AMTA that brought this about and blown a hole in there own feet, made themselves look like complete idiots, now no one trusts them as far as they can throw them.
Now , more and more people are doing there shopping in the EU , I say good luck to them.
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