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The New Daystate Pellets are made by Pax

As many have noticed they look like Defiants

They was made to their Specification by their Design Team
To work in Single Shot Gun's

I have done my own Tests and find as a Single Loaded round they work well in my Gun's

Trouble is my guns are used to Bullet Design Pellets
By Action and Barrel is Clean and they can find the required Rifling for Speed and Accuracy
to get them to offer the Best Results

Price as State is due to them Having more Handlers than Defiants

Defiants are made by Pax and Sold by Pax to Shops Direct

Daystates are made for Daystates - Shipped to Daystates who then pass them onto a distributor who then
passes them onto Shops and Shooters

More hand and more transport cost to be covered

I No longer have access to them as made to order for Daystates

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