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Novelty's starting to wear off now.

Just before Christmas I wanted go to a Midland's HFT and the exhaust fell off on the Saturday evening.

Then I wanted to go to Fort and it snowed heavily and no one was getting up or down this hill where I live.

I need to zero scope and set up etc but I have tried to get down to the club but the road is so covered in snow no one can get in or out of the place.

I went to a local indoor range to see if I could pay a couple of quid for a session so I could zero but they've stopped doing pay as you go and you now have to pay 120 to join.

I was going to Tawd for their freezer today but that's sensibly off due to snow.

I get a few months a year where I can try and go shooting and this last month's been written off.

Throw into the mix that I passed a kidney stone on Christmas Eve ( read hedgehog ).

Ah well ... never mind. We are all in the same boat and there's nowt we can do about the weather like Chris says.

Grumpy old Boz

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