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The fwb P800 is a good looking rifle but in the alu tech form it suffers from poi shift out of the box so no real use for FT or HFT Only person who can sort this problem out is jon harris. So you would have to purchase the p800x which is a 6 foot pound paper target rifle and jon harris converts them to 12 foot pound then they shoot great. This is fine for FT because the way they mount there scopes very high above the barrel.

In HFT this is a harder problem because you want the scope mounted close to the barrel you would be better getting a brand new Steyr Ft Version a lot cheaper than the FWB and better for HFT and better for FT in some ways too that they are easier to maintain and easy to get parts for if need anything needs repaired.

I would buy a P800 if they shot well out of the box and did not have the hassle of converting them etc They are a nice piece of kit.
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