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Default Dodgy target

Originally Posted by Neil View Post
We all know Holly talks crap, we're used to it but when Gilly, a very successful shooter and member of the newly formed competition sub committee or whatever it's official title is, then we and Ft in general is doomed.
Its a wonder gillie did not spot the illegal target shot from the tower.[his rule]
Not illegal in its lane ,but closer than 20 yrds from the next firing line and not at 90 deg to the firing line.
I think the tower is a bad idea ,it just slowed the shoot down and the green planks were a bit slippy.
The course kicked my back side for me and apart from the lottery tower shots and the 15mm half way up the tree ,a good course for all grades.
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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