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Ist connor , you have never read such tripe . well you have had enough practice writing it , Rob . you say that taking 55 yard keelers would be as easy as taking them sitting ? funny most shooters would say that any 55 yarder is not easy , no matter what position . the kneeling rule is a weak rule. not understood by many . thus mostly ignored . this is reality . you can like it or not but that is the way it is . these shooters are hobbyists , not pros .they do not walk around with the extened book of BFTA rules in the pocket . ready to whip out and quote chapter and verse . a minimum of rules is required . the only thing a commitee ever made was a Camel ??? HOLLY

PS why did i do the course kneeling . my back went at the begining of the shoot . easioer to get up and down . never walked off a course yet , and did not intend to start there . not a good day or a good score .
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