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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
As my physical side deteriorates I switched to Open for GP3 but I took all standers kneeling because I like kneelers (not enough of them otherwise). Missed one on that tower as it would have been easier standing (concentrating on not resting anything on the bars did for the long one or it could have been wind :-) ) and i think I also missed the long kneeler for wind. I don't know what the fuss is about the kneeling rules. I use the bag to begin with but then remove it altogether as I would rather have a firm position and a grubby knee. Grubby knees came naturally to me as a small lad and I never got out of that habit.

I enjoy shooting kneeling. Maybe next time I will try them all like that as it is a lot easier getting up and down from kneeling than sitting hahaha.

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I believe the kneeling rules only apply to the kneeling lane.

I think Hols was shooting them all kneeling. I remember asking why he was after the kneeling lane.
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