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Originally Posted by holly View Post
I read some of these posts and weep . do the posters really think em through , i wonder . the more rules you bring in , the more complicated you make the sport of FT . the less people will want do it . all standers , no kneelers . why cos the rules on kneeling just make those kneelers harder . but why would you want make a rule to make it harder , when it was made easier a while back by saying that the longest kneeler could only be 45 ysards . but the rule now is misunderstood by many and since we do not have pro marshals , not enforced . why not go back to the old method . or better still . just tell em that they must kneel . foot up , foot down . on the bag ,off the bag , three points of contact , with either the bag or the ground . hand in front of the knee . take the ranges out to 55 yards with normal kills . and twenty five yards with 25 mil . you want a challenge kneeling . now that is a challenge . free style i call that , a bare minimum of rules . easily under stood . ??? HOLLY
If that's a serious answer I've never read such tripe!
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