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Originally Posted by holly View Post
I read some of these posts and weep . do the posters really think em through , i wonder . the more rules you bring in , the more complicated you make the sport of FT . the less people will want do it . all standers , no kneelers . why cos the rules on kneeling just make those kneelers harder . but why would you want make a rule to make it harder , when it was made easier a while back by saying that the longest kneeler could only be 45 ysards . but the rule now is misunderstood by many and since we do not have pro marshals , not enforced . why not go back to the old method . or better still . just tell em that they must kneel . foot up , foot down . on the bag ,off the bag , three points of contact , with either the bag or the ground . hand in front of the knee . take the ranges out to 55 yards with normal kills . and twenty five yards with 25 mil . you want a challenge kneeling . now that is a challenge . free style i call that , a bare minimum of rules . easily under stood . if moans were wanted the tower of doom is the one . as it was being just damp it was dodgy . if it had been wet and mud got on it from the competitors boots . it would have been dangerous . how many shooters had to be helped up and down the steps with there rifles ? at least one competitor shot the pole in front , cos they were on the short side shooting the one below . ??? HOLLY
If you are finding them harder because you have had to change then you were doing them illegally before.

Pointless having 55yd kneelers with freestyle kneeling rules as they'd be just as easy as sitters. They can be done anyway. My first shoot off for an overall win was 35 yd 25mm and a 55yd 40mm and they went with ease using today's legal position. Because hols nothing in today's rules has outlawed what was legal before.

Point taken about the tower. But I did watch a junior manage to obey the rule about having the muzzle over the line. Are we saying that whoever marshalled them didn't know about that rule or didn't warn them?
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