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Originally Posted by azuaro View Post
Hello Members:

I have a little story to tell...

Today afternoon I continued testing the Steyr LG-110 discussed in my post above, I was trying different kinds of lube for my pellets in an effort to finding something that may increase the accuracy of the gun while extending the cleaning intervals...

After shooting several groups, I was adjusting the parallax wheel at the target (50 yds.) and noticed an intruder....Uuuups, what a dangerous scenario, a stinking TERRORIST hanging around my target!
I identified him and it happened to be Mr. Fly...

After studying his movements, he would move an inch and then stop for a few seconds then move and come around and stop for some more seconds...Every movement inside the 1 inch square target I use...
Mmmmm, Mr, Fly happened to be very predictable!!

By now you already anticipated the end of the story...
NO respectable HUNTER, SNIPPER or BR SHOOTER would tolerate the presence of such a DANGEROUS and deadly intruder so I waited until he stopped and took the shot.

Please see the attachment below: I shot - 1 kill (Dead center)...Body parts and blood all over!

The other pic is from the BR rest and the gun I use...A Top of the line rest (Extremely important for BR) and a very accurate rifle that I use for FT and BR over my outside coffee table at home.

In case somebody is wondering, I will laminate this target...Shooting a fly at 50 yards with an air rifle using one pellet is quite an accomplishment and a trophy for me (we are all a rare breed)



Horse and dung fly shooting is a competitive sport at my club, chance to get our own back this time o year - the bu$$ers do bite out on the FT range!

Must say I love the back drop for your BR range, very nice panorama!
Kind Regards


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