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Originally Posted by hw100kt View Post
I can not see any problems in your position, the one I am getting at shows the laces on the floor which in my mind means your foot is not upright which ever angle the picture is taken.

Is it possible to have a marshal on each kneeling lane to enforce the rules.
You do. Your partner

I marshalled Helen, and Helen marshalled Josh. I also hung around the two kneeling lanes on and off in the afternoon.

[QUOTE]The Rear Foot, when viewed from the rear should be vertical in appearance. The Rear Foot is allowed to be angled so the ankle joint can be closer or further from the ground as desired. The toes can be bent or flat. If a bean bag is not present underneath the ankle joint, the ankle joint must not be in contact with the ground or appear to be in contact with the ground.[/QUOTE]

If you use a bag under the ankle, you don't need a gap (because the bag is under the ankle). If you don't use a bag, a visible gap underneath the ankle means it's legal.

The foot does not need to be upright. (that's why i said it's a misconception) It just needs not to be turned so your backside sits on your heel and not on the inside or outside of your foot.

That's the rule.

(Section A, last page)

Pics below

That's why the BFTA published the above two links in addition to the rules so shooters can see what is and isn't considered legal. You can see the shooter on page 1 clearly doesn't have an upright foot. In the foot below, the foot appears vertical. Yet it's actually a shot of the shooter in the position directly above, not the one top right.

I'm only posting because it's important that misconceptions about rules aren't challenged, and so that people know where the rules can be looked up for the future. Not because Helen will throw something at me if i've allowed her to do an illegal kneeler that someone's taken a photo of.

But it does highlight the point about buddy marshalling.
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