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Originally Posted by RAIDER View Post
Rob, I'm no expert on these thing I'm just going by the pictures on the BFTA site showing to rights and wrongs. I realise it's a very grey ares and to expect everyone to get it righ is near on impossible. When I'm shooting I'm as likely to be doing things wrong and don't know it.
But I take your point.
Originally Posted by spiredude View Post
On my kneeler the pici looks like the hampster is on my forearm but its not is actually running down the side of it ,, but my foot is straight lol
I can not see any problems in your position, the one I am getting at shows the laces on the floor which in my mind means your foot is not upright which ever angle the picture is taken.

Is it possible to have a marshal on each kneeling lane to enforce the rules.

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