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Default AM vs. PM

I don't know what the morning was like.

I can say I was 1 kill off the kill on target 1 and 1.5 kills off target 2. I was half a kill off target 3, the 30 yard reducer, and 2 kills off target 4, a 50-odd yarder. The only other target I was well off the kill on was the last target on the tower, which I gave a kill off the kill.

There was one other target which I gave the width of my finger off one edge, everything else was a pick an edge job.

I'm amazed at this whinging over session scores etc. It's just part of the game. Golfers play for their living as well as for winning and the draw timing can make a stupendous difference. It's just accepted and never really made much of. Some you win some you lose.
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