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Ta Dale.

Ok, well that didn't go according to plan... well 50-50...

Plinking range it was spot on... and in fact I think it was all the way through (so i think that's a positive), but it's sooo hold sensitive (i think) that it took me most of the GP to work out how it liked it. Either I have to hold it like it's made of paper thin bone china and i cant see a shot land but hit targets or I can see the shots land, even follow pellets into the kill at 30 yds, but have random shots massively high or just to the right. Suspect the latter is me on the trigger, suspect the former is knee contact. The 97 wasnt like this Standers are just a mess. Good hold, right up till the trigger goes... again i either can follow or see the strike, or have no clue and can barely see the target after.

But onwards... It's getting short stroked after millride, and I'm chatting to rowan about a trigger today. Tonight, assuming I don't flake out i'll see if i can fire some trigger parts across the living room by stripping the trigger.

AJP have got me a rail, so that will be on tonight as well.

Bear in mind though, as Steve reminded me, he shot a bog standard mk3 txhc to win the GP series, in this stock. I think that's his subtle way of saying it's me. So i've got some learning to do. I'm planning on peaking for the worlds
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