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I think the EU might be more likely to investigate them than the British. Just needs someone to send an email.

Incidentally, anyone ever heard of the BSSC?

"The Council’s focus is upon the legislation and regulation which affects shooting sports, and especially the lawful possession of firearms. It draws together representatives from the entire range of shooting disciplines, from competitive clay target shooting and rifle shooting, both smallbore and fullbore, to airgun shooting, practical shooting, muzzle loading and live quarry shooting with rifle, shotgun and air rifle in all its various aspects. Fully involved in the Council’s work are organisations representing shooting grounds, shooting instructors and the gun trade."

They are supposed to be looking after us airgunners!
The BSSC Ex-President, The Earl of Shrewsbury is listed as a Director of the GTA
The BSSC Secretary, David Penn is also listed as a Director of GTA.

I'd like to see a list of what they have achieved for airgunners!

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