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Originally Posted by AlsoFishes View Post
BTW, how is anti-tamper imposed? If members refuse to stock or sell guns because anti-tamper is not fitted they may be breaking restrictive trade regulations. Anyone tried asking for a gun without anti-tamper at a shop?

BY in large almost ALL, the UK manufacturers "Opted in"....Cause.."we must all sing from the same hymn sheet.." Ok ? that a temporary rig of the market back then, to get Germans to spend to up to "UK Spec" ? and hence call all Greys "illegal" by trade members ??? (when they are not- but to sow confusion amongst ignorant buying public ; the Wife to husband in high pitched voice > "Oh Jack , best you buy a - UK official import- darling...and look, it even says so on the side of the product...")

Anyway, Dracula will be vapourised shortly and "They" know..."We" know their agenda...and that should make it super awkward for any of "them" to be socially invited & partake in and around this sport.

"They" have no idea of of the internet generation & the need for transparency. Self serving relics of the past methinks...

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