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Default Eye opener ?

1. Who & what is the ? (First JPEG taken from 2013 Annual Report )

2. the National Small Bore Association rep in 2013 was Ken Nash as mentioned in the Annual Reports; is he still the Rep today ? and if yes, have the NSBA publicly said anything about the GTA Ltd. May 7th statement ? since they represent airgunners ?

3. Quick scan of all Annual Reports does not show from 2009 any "green light" or discussions regarding S/As. (Ref: FX Monsoon and the then first import of the rifled barrel S/A Steyr LP50)

...if Im mistaken and you do manage to have an eagle eye, kindly post a JPEG from the annual report where found ...

We the public , consumers, sportsman, law abiding citizens wish to ascertain what Legal powers the GTA Ltd. have to dictate what can, or cant be sold in the UK; and what if any, enforcement powers ???

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