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Hi Steve,

I've put Ripper in a Daystate GP stock (same inletting on MK3 & MK4 Daystates). From memory I just had to fit a wood block into the inletting for the Daystate electonic trigger unit that matched up to the Ripper trigger unit. Then using the original GP stock bolt hole for fastening the action into the stock, I placed the Ripper action into the stock and used a marker pen placed into the original GP stock hole to mark on the Ripper trigger block where I needed to drill. I then drilled and tapped a 6mm thead in the Ripper trigger block (this does not interfere with any of the trigger sears providing you use the correct length bolt). The only downside is that the Ripper action looks quite long in the stock (unless you are putting a carbine length Ripper in the stock) as the Daystate stocks tend to be short in the fore end as they only have short cylinders.
Hope this helps!

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