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Dear Members:

I am late around this thread but it was not until today that I read it...

I have a Steyr FT that I modified mechanically for accuracy and acquired a wooden stock from GIMB for FT use, I live in the US and we shoot at 20 ft./lb levels vs. 12 in the UK but since we are talking accuracy, the same principles apply.

I fine tuned this gun for BR accuracy (using an excellent BR rest when testing) but I use it for FT...Nevertheless, I liked it so much that I will try shooting into the BR league this summer...This will also tell me the long term accuracy performance.

My gun was shooting 10.34 gr. pellets (JSB's) at 920-925 ft./sec. and making .400's ctc groups at 50 yards ANYTIME...To me that was just not acceptable for a gun of that quality and I decided to Blueprint it myself...
[Note: I am an engineer with a gunsmith shop (hobby) and make my own BR .22 RF rifles as well as all of my high power hunting guns, so blueprinting an air rifle as simple as the Steyr is was not complicated at all.

First part was getting a crisp nice trigger at 2 oz....VERY SIMPLE - Polish it and fine tune your trigger adjustments

Second Part: Make the velocity consistent: Simple but may not be so simple for some...My gun was shooting a spread from 7 to 13 ft/sec depending on the brand of pellets used...I got it to 2 ft./sec. for a few days but the consistency doesn't seem to hold long and goes back to 5-6 ft./sec. in a matter of a few days and stabilizes there...While not optimal it is acceptable.
Note: The problem is the very thin diameter striker spring that inevitably touches the wall of the striker upon compression or release...I will try other routes eventually but so far I am pleased even with this minor bug in the system.

Third part: Check barrel-Touching Point and accuracy levels....Gun did a little better than .400's ctc at 50 yards after finding the right pressure on the touching point. It came down to high .200's low .300's but then after temperature changes the improvement was lost.
I floated the barrel and it came back to high .200's low .300's as the best potential...Floating the barrel is the HOLLY GRAIL for many shooters, specially BR Shooters but my experience has been that not all floated barrels shoot well and not all barrels with a touching point shoot bad; YOU NEED TO TEST one or the other when your gun is not shooting well and if it doesn't, then you have other problem(s).

Forth part: Re-Barreled with a 15 year old excellent shooting barrel from another un-repairable gun, fortunately it was .625 in diameter and 650 mm long, so I cut a new Target Crown and a tenon to fit the Steyr and gave it a 550 mm length and tested it...After I kept it I had it Cerakoated in light silver color and it looks even better that the original barrel.

The original Steyr Air Stripper does NOTHING in my gun, but it TERRORIZES and INTRIGUES my buddies here in the US and I kept it as an "Intimidating" device and a piece of conversation.

Fifth part: Tuning new barrel...Tried several velocities and pellets once again and ended with same 10.34 gr JSB's...Those things tend to shoot well in mostly all of my guns...Tried 4.52's and 4.53's and all shoot identical.

Results: I ended up with a FT Target that has a scope good enough for BR use (Sightron 10-50 X or Leupold Comp 45 X) and is almost as accurate as my .22 BR rifles (please see attachments)

The pic with 2 groups shows how it grouped last Friday and the second pic is from Monday, only the .400 ctc group that should read Outside and not ctc. was shot when there was a varying 7-8 to 10 MPH wind, the other two tight groups were shot with no wind (Dead Calm as indoors)

The High-Lows and Spread/Std. Deviation of Two 10 shot groups in the other 2 pics are: One before the blue printing and the second after the blueprinting that finally settled to 5-6 ft./sec...This spread holds very well from 200 BAR almost to 100 BAR or where the needle is almost touching the yellow in the cylinder gauge...This gun has a SUPERLATIVE Sweet Spot and will group identical with 5-8 ft. up or down from the ean and with any pellet from the tin (weight wise) and so far any pellet in 4.52 and 3 (haven't tested smaller diameters)

Steyr is very well built and is extremely USER FRIENDLY and very easy to repair, with the right tolls by my side I can change the valve (in the regulator) or the regulator itself and totally re-seal it in 12-15 minutes.

I shoot Feinwerkbau 10 M guns, a 700 Aluminum and a 800...I like the 700 (old model) better but that is personal, both guns shoot identical and are some of the best guns for 10 M shooting...
It is to mention that NONE of these 2 guns are capable of doing anything at 25-30 yards or more, you will need to highly modify them for velocity (up from 570 ft./sec.) and then to maybe consider re-barreling them...NOT WORTH IT
I haven't tried the new FWB 800 BR and FT guns but being FWB I have no doubt that they are excellent shooters...

My next project and I say this because I haven't seen this gun or brand mentioned much in this Forum will be tuning a DAYSTATE REGAL HUNTSMAN...The looks of this gun are terrific and there is a lot of potential, I have shot 2 ot them in .177 and .22 calibers and both are excellent field shooters.
I only wish Daystate still had the NON XL Huntsman where the Air Cylinder was fully concealed in the stock...What a PRETTY GUN that was! but the extra shots of the larger Regal XL cylinder are allays welcome.

Another gun that we see in all circuits here in the US but have not seen it mentioned in this forum is the TM-1000...That is one of the best shooting guns that I have seen out of the box and probably the easiest to repair; very well built, very user friendly and EASY to shoot.

Conclusion: Yes, Steyr LG-110's in whatever version you get (All identical mechanically) is a VG shooting gun, I found it easy to shoot but not all people agree with Steyr being easy to shoot and I understand why that is...
So in my opinion worth 1 cent is that it all relies on finding a well built gun that you like, that is reliable and easy to fix and most important that FITS YOU.

Any gun that fits you and is reliable and well built could be blueprinted (tuned) and/or re-barreled and turned into a very accurate gun, or at least that has been my experience.
The opposite is not always true, a good friend has a .223 target rifle that in his hands is very accurate but I am not comfortable with it and haven't been capable to shooting more that 70-75% of its potential.

Best regards for all members and please excuse me for going too long in my reply.

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