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Originally Posted by Jon View Post
Surprised you got it back at all and I am not surprised to see them wilfully damage on purpose 'weaponry' related items even though legal and not in their 'prohibited' list. Customs are the culprits.
RM and ParcelForce don't carry outside UK, you need a specialist service circa 160 one way for sub 12ft/lb, whether that's special price to me? as know others charged in excess of 240 sub 12ft/lb.

One rule for some DPD, UPS and many other global couriers offer a great service delivering legal air rifles from abroad but dont handle within UK to UK.
Thanks for the advice Jon. As far as I can interpret Royal Mail burblings, the DO send internationally to 2KG, fine for A/G parts and pistols but not rifles.
I am thinking of getting someone to dismantle it into sub-2KG bits and sending it legally Royal Mail in two parcels but marked as sports equipment.

An HW77 weighs 4.2 KG but this one has a converted HW80 stock which I don't strictly need.
I have some Walnut here that I could use to carve a stock from.

I didn't loose completely on the deal as I got the scope sent separately. That was supposed to be a laser-inoperative Nikko Stirling Laserking but I managed to repair the laser (diode wired back-to-front),

How about arranging a "tailored solution" as they call it, with a carrier for BASC members?

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