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Originally Posted by Smudgerii View Post
So you get it wrong and RM GROUP should give you your money back. What kind of logic is that?
We were mis-sold their service by their sub-contractor. Our contract is with Parcel Force, not the subcontractor they choose to use. As it is ParcelForce refuse to talk to me, the owner of the goods, they will only talk to my friend in GB, so I can do zilch.

ParcelArse also lied about the return address being missing, it was right there on the returned parcel.

In the case of the Royal Mail Country prohibited lists you are dealing with two Layers of utter Idiots:
1) The Customs Idiots who write the lists and post them in an unclear manner and
2) the Royal Mail low IQ staff who try to interpret it and put it on their website.
hence for their banned list for Portugal click "prohibited"

you wrongly get:

Printed Books, Newspapers, Posters, Plans
Plastics and items made Thereof
Photographic or cinematographic products
Clocks and Watches
Musical instruments
Miscellaneous manufactured articles

etc. etc. as strictly PROHIBITED!

You might have thought someone at Royal Mail would by now have spotted their website lists are nonsense...

Here is the actual customs list on PDF, Portugal starts page 1020:
For arms you have: Articles admitted conditionally, All arms requiring the authorization of the public safety police (Sub 24J air rifles and Pistols don't, so legal to import into Portugal)

Basically they are all a complete shower of incompetent 5hit like most things in GB and I am glad I emigrated. Shouldn't have tried to buy something from there.
Do you work for them?
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