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Originally Posted by AlsoFishes View Post
That's right, I just had a massive argument with them detaining my HW77 for a month (without posting the approriate notice on the tracking site) and returning it damged without compensation or refund of the extortionate 65quid postage
Surprised you got it back at all and I am not surprised to see them wilfully damage on purpose 'weaponry' related items even though legal and not in their 'prohibited' list. Customs are the culprits.
RM and ParcelForce don't carry outside UK, you need a specialist service circa 160 one way for sub 12ft/lb, whether that's special price to me? as know others charged in excess of 240 sub 12ft/lb.

One rule for some DPD, UPS and many other global couriers offer a great service delivering legal air rifles from abroad but dont handle within UK to UK.
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