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Originally Posted by Cam View Post
However the HO are now recently (28-05-2015) saying: -

Dear Mr x

Under section 5(1)(ab) of the Firearms Act 1968 (as amended), all self-loading or pump-action rifled guns are classified as prohibited other than those which are chambered for .22 rim-fire cartridges. You will note that there is no exemption in this provision for air rifles/weapons.

The Home Office Circular (HOC) 68/97 was intended as a guide to cover those persons then (in 1997) in possession of such weapons. In the event, no changes were made to the legislation to accommodate current sales and the situation remains as set out above.

Kind Regards


But that means the chap who sent that email ...he needs Home Office backing ...with a new updated Circular coming from the Home Office, which would mean Heavy Duty Signatories from the Home Office, and innumerable consultations with: BASC, other various shooting bodies, Police Federation, Border Agencies, HMRC tec..etc..which havent, or yet, to happen ? (can he provide the "proof" ?)

UNLESS, the Home Office can decide at a whim, right after a meeting on the 7th, decide what the various acts and circulars mean ...and hence clarify and issue a *NEW* Notification - which to my knowledge has NOT yet happened, nor circulated to any Fire Arms Officers throughout the UK to various Police departments..

Besides, BASC position is clear- and they have lawyers...and no updates yet on their website.

2 Issues...

1) How was the law applied in past on low powered on S/A rifled guns ? ignorant bliss & selective application & relaxation on some ? (ie: allow LP50 s/a rifled barrel to be sold freely by UK shops since 2009, but not the rifle version now as of 2014 / 2015 ?) ...are LP50s and shop owners who sold, and UK agent going to be fined and put in legal hell (just wondering - what the ramifications are)...and what about the fall out from the then Border Agencies & Home Office & Agencies who turned a blind eye to this back then ? Resignations ? Political scandal ?

2) Is the Law going to be amended or clarified by Home office imminently (or already ?) regarding the import, ownership of low powered 'rifled' S/A's ?

BASC needs to reveal what was discussed after their meeting - if its taken place...

Home Office NEED to release Minutes of Meeting of 7th May meeting with GTA ltd.

Fish has started rotting...smell, is quite frankly, unbearable

Look, still available for sale...if Mr. "Mitzi" is correct...why haven't the shops not withdrawn the items ? (per "all self-loading ...classified as prohibited...except .22 rimfire" ????)


Originally Posted by Cam View Post
The immediate above contradicts para 10 on page 5 of the HOC 68/97t: -

"We have consulted ACPO and the Crown Prosecution Service about the legal status of these weapons and have agreed, in the absence of a court ruling, that the issue should resolved formally at the next legislative opportunity. In the meantime chief officers are advised that self-loading or pump action rifled airguns should CONTINUE to be regarded as falling outside the certification process provided they are low powered and do not fall within the Firearms (Dangerous Air Weapons) Rules 1969"

The Home Office Circular (HOC) 68/97 was intended as a guide to cover those persons then (in 1997) in possession of such weapons. This refers to small calibre pistols that were banned effective from 1 February 1998 but FAC holders were given till 1 March 1998 to surrender them. This was to permit a compensation scheme to be put in place.

AGREED ! contradiction Boll*x !

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