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Originally Posted by Dale View Post
You want to drop out the middle and lower sears then mirror polish the engagement surfaces (without altering the angles or edges), that will smooth it up nicely. Add a little moly paste on the engagement surfaces as well.

When correctly set up the AA trigger is real close to the Venom Mach 1 trigger unit and beats the pants off the Rekord unit.

I haven't tried much with the Rowan trigger blade.

I have a brass Venom straight blade on mine and it is a big improvement over the AA blade as the two grub screws that control the stages are set more 'vertical' so are closer to the trigger blade pivot point and contact the lower sear further from its pivot point which maximises the leverage and gives a much finer feel to the trigger release.

From what I have seen of the Rowan, the stage screws follow a similar angle to factory AA so doesn't get the most out of the design.
cheers Dale.... being lazy, do you know of a any good guides?
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