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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Well, the good news is... the zero has held. Although I only tested it indoors at 25yds. But it was on the level.

What I did have is a jump up on every few shots, which was I think hold sensitivity. I never really experienced this with the 97, and I think a lot of it is having a stock that isn't as snug as i'd like it. I really want to add a centimetre or so to the butt, but as it's not my stock and I don't want to break it, it's staying put. Also the hook doesn't come high enough as i would like. So i've combatted this jump by resorting to some weight (self adhesive wheel weights)... got 240g on the front of the stock, and 120g sitting on the muzzle, and after that lot went on, she stayed on the level. I've also stuck a lump where my thumb sits to aid consistent hold there.

So slowly I think we're getting there, although i've been here before so until i'm 100% i won't be surprised if i see something odd.

If all's well on Sunday i'm going to drop the trigger block and get it smoother with a bit of polishing. It's getting better, but it's still rough and heavy.

I'll also treat it to a rowan adjustable. It's amazing just how much work you do with a rig to get it just so... but if i can dial out some of it before the CS turns up then it can only be beneficial. Then I need to start whispering in short stroker's ears
Getting rid of the mk3 internals should be your no1 priority rob...proper woefull and me on that, rowen trigger blade a lot better than the standard blade, who you gonna turn to for the short stroking ???
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