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What a tangled web we weave.

There is no doubt that Daystate has a semi-auto air rifle because I have shot it. This was in 2002/3.
At the time when I asked why it was not being placed on the market. I was told that the Home Office had told the manufacturers that if they did, that they (the H.O.), would get them banned.
Now that means that at that time the GTA and AMTA knew that semi-auto's were legal. If they were not legal they (the H.O.) wouldn't have been able to make them illegal. If they were illegal then Daystate would not have made one and let it be used in public because they don't have S5.

If the GTA/AMTA believed in 2002/3 that semi-auto's were legal how come in 2015 they think they are illegal.

It looks like there are far more untruths than truths.

The GTA and Terry Doe say that semi-auto's are illegal (reference the BBS). Nothing has changed since 1997, let alone since 2002/3.

Who is telling the truth?


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