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Default Target the right punter

I've not had the pleasure of looking through one of these and to be fair I think quality optics would be wasted on me, but maybe Kahles need to target the right punter.
After all most of the top shots already have a tried and tested piece of glass mounted on top of there FT rigs and we all know whatever they have they are good shots anyway.
So the people they need to target are the people just starting out in the sport and working their way up to a top spec outfit ,people that look at success and try to buy it.
So why not give a prototype to a keen C grader and see if it brings him better scores ,that way we see a shooter improve [good sales].
I would give one to Martin [bert] Calpin to mount on his outfit. He already has a proven gun so drop a Kahles scope on it and watch his progress.
He's keen as mustard and comes from a good Blood line keeps more spread sheets and wall charts than Magnus Pike.
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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