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Originally Posted by David BASC View Post
We are doing all we can to resolve this situation in the interests of our members and other airgunners (who we hope will join us of course!)



is that quote, your update...actually expressed on the BASC website ?

Would help tremendously if Public Info such as that, was also released on the BASC website

Cause, we all dont tolerate the underhandedness disgraceful behaviour of some, and a "riposte" is in order...

Like: "...its come to our attention, re: GTA Message 7th May....we the BASC have hereby confirmed an appointment with the Home Office in order to represent the XXX K thousand of legal, law abiding airgunners of the order to ascertain...blah blah..."

Also, more updates, on pressure on the HO regarding the release of the minutes.

PS: Are they in breach of protocol for NOT even having a recorded "Minutes of the Meeting" - just thinking out loud...Mmmm....

Karma is sweet...and when It backfires on unjust instigators, its a delight to behold ..

NB: Cause its all very well to say, 'we'll do this quietly as its more trust us...'...etc.. but if the cow manure hits the fan...where's the proof ANYONE did a bloody thing about it ??? No good just to see a shrug of the shoulder as a response.

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