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The fishery and the course are in the same place, as is the building where Jane prepares the food (which is of course the most important thing! )

Using the postcode from the website will get you there on your satnav.

Johnny and I are due to pop over there tomorrow to have a look round and see what we should do as far as the course goes, I've already had some thoughts myself. Ed told me yesterday that he was popping up to change the course round and add some more targets and Johnny will be bringing some of the targets he has so we should have plenty of choice as regards the 30 targets.

I should say that the last mile of the journey has some short but steepish inclines. Getting in shouldn't be a problem. I'll let you know about getting out tomorrow. I've spoken to Ed and he says the lasses from the local farms have been able to get in and out with normal two wheel drive cars.

There's due to be more snow tomorrow, although it doesn't look as bad as they were saying earlier in the week. I'll post an update tomorrow.
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