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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
AKey points with out reading all the Pilchard drivel above

1) Always ask for postcode or coordinates on here even if you know where you are going and have been there five hundred times before , this is essential !

2) Always mag down even if you have a fixed magnification scope , especially if your a beginner , it's essential to do so !

3) The targets have really bright strings and are painted bright colours you will see these in the trees saves you having to use a turret to locate the target that's why you have eyeballs !

4) Avoid my mate Gilly if his grump-o-meter is above 7 or higher !

5) Ask Andy Calpin for his autograph he's the famous tin chicken guru from Yarksha !

6) Remember to put some puff in you cannon or if it's a spring gun remember to saw 6" off the barrel so it fits in your wheelie bin easier then borrow a puff gun.

7) Ask Wagger to use some of the slugs I sold him as they are guaranteed to knock tin chickens over !

8) Don't talk to strangers !

10) Keep clear of shooters with a ginger rinse and Botox / plastic surgery marks !

11) Buy something after every competition then sell it at a loss after the next competition !

12) Listen to Barry Manilow's greatest hits on the way to comp , it puts you in the zone !

13) Always blame everything but yourself if you have a w@nk shoot , everything from wind, trigger , gun, reg , tired, not tired, might be tired, pellets , sun , rain this is an endless spectrum but never admit to being not quite on your game !

Hope this helps
Quality, I must admit, I suffered an involuntary nose bubble cough spit at number 6, I haven't laughed as much as that since I read my Sunday scorecard at the NEFTA Classic!
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