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Default Pistols

I've been thinking of buying another pistol to have a go this season but really don't know what to get as pistols that I've had in the past haven't lasted long with me as I've never shot one that I've really liked.
I don't fancy a precharged as for me they are too expensive for what use I'd get out of it.The co2 bulb type wasn't any good for me either.I was thinking of getting another single stroke overlever like the HW40 or Gammo Compact.

Thing is I used to shoot the real thing years ago in the 80s and an air pistol just doesn't seem to hit the excitement button if you know what I mean.

Just wondering since the UKAs have had the pistol shoots how many of you have purchased one ?

If you do shoot one are you as dedicated with your pistol as you are with your rifle ?

What have you got and is it any good for the job ?

Like me are you thinking of buying one for the UKAs and what have you looked at ?

If I do get one I don't want to go so cheap that it's no good and I can't hit anything with it but don't fancy spending 150ish just to sell it on again a couple of months later because I either don't like it or it's not getting used.

What do you think guys ?

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