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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
Possibly of more interest would be just what is going to happen to the GTA members who sold (according to them) Section 5 pistols.

Not withstanding the advice issued by the H.O., the CPS and ACPO the GTA claim these guns are illegal. The legislation states "Rifled guns". Don't think the LP50 is smooth bore

Or GTA members who have a pile of newly prohibited weapons in stock with no authority to hold?

Serious representations are being made in terms of compensation already....

It really is a mess and those responsible for trying to bulldoze the Home Office into changing the guidance to suit their vested interests have opened a very very large can of worms

From what I hear from the legislators (who are somewhat baffled at shooters asking for MORE restrictions on their sport) this will have a huge impact on todays airgunners...

And our representatives are on the record now as deliberately and blatently pushing the Home Office into it!!

I am absolutely staggered.........

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